These three airports are considered to be the world’s best

A long-haul flight to international destinations can be both exciting and—most of the time—very exhausting. Being able to relax and unwind before the take-off is necessary for most passengers—especially those on business trips who will need that energy to face clients or manage projects. Thankfully, there are now airports around the world that have gone the extra mile to ensure that passengers are comfortable and entertained. Many such luxurious and world-class facilities provide high-end amenities that will definitely redefine people’s travel experience. Let’s take a look at the ones considered the best:


Singapore Changi International Airport

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Changi airport has been voted by travelers as the World’s Best Airport for five consecutive years. Known as the best airport for leisure and a paragon of modernity, Changi features themed gardens, a free movie theater, and a wide selection of dining and shopping options, allowing passengers to enjoy their travel experience.

Back in 1981, Changi Airport was the largest airfield in Asia with a passenger volume of 8 million a year. However, as they revamped the airport’s infrastructure, Changi is now serving more than 100 airlines flying to 380 cities in about 90 countries around the world. Recently, it was recognized as the 16th busiest airport in the world with over 55 million passengers passing through the airport a year.


Tokyo International Airport (Haneda)

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The biggest airport in Japan, Haneda Airport, is the principal base of Japan’s two major domestic airlines that serves the Greater Tokyo area. Due to a rise in foreign visitors, the International airport was expanded in 2014.

Recently, Haneda is considered as the fifth busiest airport worldwide catering 79.6 million people per year based on Skytrax rankings. Tokyo International Airport was also named as the Cleanest Airport and ranked 2nd in World’s Best Airport Awards for 2017.

Haneda has an impressive variety of services and facilities for travelers such as Edo Marketplace which feature fast food restaurants serving traditional Japanese cuisine, the Tokyo Pop Town which sells anime figures and pop-culture items, and Health & Wellbeing section that offers massage therapy, salon, medical services, and more.


Incheon International Airport

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Incheon airport is the largest and primary airport serving the Seoul Capital Area. It has accumulated 49 million passengers throughout each year, making it the 24th busiest airport in the world.

Having been rated as the world’s best airport with a good quality of service for several years, Incheon airport is the main hub of South Korean people, where even foreigners can personally experience the country’s traditional culture right inside the airfield.

There’s a lot to explore around the hustle of the airport, particularly during your spare time before departing. Passengers may utilize and enjoy various facilities like its golf club, casino, ice skating rink, and indoor themed gardens.


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